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Duncan Paul and Donovan Boshoff finish the Yukon 1000

Just 12 teams entered the 2014 Yukon 1000, an unsupported biannual canoe and kayak expedition race, which is the longest in the world at 1000 miles (1 600 kilometres). Among the entrants this year were Natal Canoe Club's Duncan Paul and Donovan Boshoff, who finished in fourth place overall.

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Longest race in the world: the Yukon 1000

Only 12 teams have been brave enough to enter the longest canoe race in the world, the Yukon 1 000 - as in 1 000 miles (1 600 kilometres) - and they include the South African Dung Beetles, Duncan Paul and Donovan Boshoff of Natal Canoe Club.

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Kayaking the Forgotten Waterway of Los Angeles

As we kayaked, red-tailed hawks circled above us looking for food and snowy egrets played along the banks. A cormorant dived into the water next to me and leaped back to the surface just inches in front of my kayak.

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Kayaking on the Danube River

Five years ago I made a kayaking trip on the Danube river from Regensberg, Germany to Linz, Austria. I had then wished to return some day and explore other parts of the Danube. So, here I was in Vienna to continue the journey.

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The Yukon River Quest

The 740-kilometer wilderness adventure paddling race is held on the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Held during the last week of June, the YRQ is known as the “Race to the Midnight Sun”. Paddlers race round-the-clock, as the sky never gets dark.

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