Corporate logos Guideline

The Sportscene Corporate Logo Guideline specifies how to use logos and the brand name. Thank you for following our guidelines.

The Sportscene logo colors are 100% black, 100% white and #70BF16 green. No other colors may be used. The logos may not be used or distorted beyond their official proportions as shown below and must be shown in their entirety. Print colors are black and PMS 375 U.

Logo download

Please note: Some logo file formats may require specific graphic software (such as Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator) to open or view files and will, as a result of this, not being displayed properly in the browser. Most graphics professionals should be familiar with these standard formats, as well as which logotype best suits a specific usage.

Since the logo's are for download purpose only, use right mouse click on the link to save the file.

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Sportscene® Registered Trademark

Current and previously used Sportscene® logos - including its seperate parts - are registered ® trademarks under Trade Mark 1362981.