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Paddle the 5 Capes of the southern coast of Africa

Join Dawid and Jasper Mocke as they take you on a journey of adventure and exploration during this paddling expedition of the amazing southern coast of Africa. Together you cannot ask for two better coaches, mentors and tour leaders, who love their paddling and cherish their country.

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Maia looks for bigger challenge after English Channel crossing

Thirteen year old, Maia Wallace-Loizou from Enfield having just become the youngest girl ever to kayak across the English Channel, also has her sights on the 125 mile Devices to Westminster and is also being coached as part of the GB Canoeing’s Canoe Slalom club sessions on the Legacy Channel at Lee Valley.

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Mark Scriver touring Antarctica by sea

I just returned from paddling SUP, kayaks and overnight camping with One Ocean Expeditions on the Antarctic Peninsula. It was late spring but that meant we had snow several times during the 2 week trip and temperatures averaged just above of zero Celsius.

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Scottish summers are like swallows

Scottish summers are like swallows, you don't see one for ages then along come two sunny days at once. Even so, it was rather unexpected when summer finally arrived, in early November.

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The 18XS at the sandmotor

As you probably know I would like to test-paddle a kayak at least during one session at sea in 6 bft. Today the wind was 6bft indeed, but she was SSW and blowing away from the coast. So no waves. So more sessions are necessary. BUT it was an ideal occasion to inspect the sandmotor today.

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