2014 Sportscene Paddlesports Video

This is the first time we produced a Sportscene promotional video. With this video we depict the rich diversity of paddlesports and our community. Having said that, we didn't manage to feature all 15 disciplines...

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Olympic Champions Headline ICF Elections‏

Istvan Vaskuti (HUN) and Tony Estanguet (FRA) each won their respective election campaigns to secure the 1st and 3rd Vice President positions at the 2014 International Canoe Federation Congress in Warsaw, Poland.

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How to create an impactful athlete website in 5 steps

Like many athletes, your outdated website left adrift on the interwebs is likely to confuse visitors and ultimately hurt your band. It’s time to fix this. With the proper structure, you’ll be able to create an impactful website that will do wonders for your brand and act as the quarterback of your online efforts.

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Thomas Bach continues evolution Olympic movement

IOC president Thomas Bach has continued his campaign for the evolution of the Olympic movement. Bach: “Even when everything is going well and everything is positive, it is still necessary to analyze what the future will be, and to prepare for new scenarios."

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How to write an amazing race report

Taking one out of the marathoner’s playbook. Nope, I’m not referring to their amazing ability to enjoy continuous pain for 3 hours straight. I’m talking about writing an awesome summary of your performance in a format that your audience will enjoy reading.

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In memoriam Bojan Žmavc (1961 – 2014)

Bojan Žmavc, sport visionary, president of Canoe Federation of Slovenia, organiser and most of all dear friend, has died on Sunday the 29th June after a serious illness at the age of 52.

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